Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Sailing in Port Aransas with Laguna Charters - Season is taking off

If you want an option other than fishing, or an over crowded sandy beach, join us at Laguna Charters for a sailing experience.  You will find peace of mind and tranquility as you view the abundant local wild life including dolphins, Spoon Bills, Pelicans and other species. All while sipping on a refreshing beverage and riding the wind which will be the only sound you  hear while under sail. Bring the beach with you as you investigate the inland waterways of Port Aransas.  Look at the historic Lydian Light House on harbor Island, only accessible by boat.  built in the mid 1800's, has a rich history and is fully restored.  Whether you are  a couple on a romantic sunset sail, with dinner, or a family looking for adventure, Oh yes.....did I mention we cater?? Laguna Charters is one of the best things to do in Port Aransas.

Here are some pictures and media to check out.

$275 for up to six people
$ 15 Lunch plates
$ 18 Dinner plates
$   0 Drinks and snacks are complimentary.

Email: lagunacharters@yahoo.com
Facebook: facebook.com/lagunacharters
Phone: 956-407-9515

Captain Mike