Thursday, November 26, 2015

Sailing Charters - Port Aransas Padre Island

Sailing Charters in Port Aransas and Padre island       
Dolphin watching                                
Sunset and dinner cruises
On hands sailing experience or just relax
If you're in beautiful Port Aransas  Padre Island in Texas, you can depend on Laguna Sailing Charters to provide you with the finest sailing tours around, no exceptions. Our company knows eco-tourism in South Texas inside and out, after all. You can rely on seasoned Captain Mike to give you the tour of a lifetime, with his extensive three decades of sailing background. Visitors from all around the rest of the United States (and Canada, for that matter) regularly visit Port Aransas and  Padre Island to enjoy leisurely resort getaways. When they visit Port Aransas Padre Island, they revel in glowing sunshine, pleasant subtropical weather and bright bluish-green waters. Trips on our sailing charters can make those lovely aspects of Port Aransas Padre Island all the more apparent. Laguna Sailing Charters has the distinction of being the best catamaran charter boat in the entire region that provides sailing experiences to customers.
If you want to stay away from the hassles of packed beaches, Lynx is an excellent charter option for you. This 36 foot sailing catamaran can provide you with the relaxing experience that is sure to make your time in the area complete. If you want to relish the joys of sailing while at the same time taking in the sights of the Laguna Madre and Padre Island in general, we're the perfect business for you. Most of the people who take our charters get the opportunity to view dolphins.
Sailing charters aren't where the fun ends at Laguna Sailing Charters, either.  Our guests can even enjoy lovely catering services for brunch, lunch and dinner. If you want, you're welcome to bring your own favorite foods, beverages and wines, too. We sometimes even offer complimentary tasty mimosas to our guests. Complimentary H20, soft drinks and snacks such as potato chips are always available, however.
Offshore excursions are yet another major component of our company. If you want to look around for big game such as kingfish, we can make it happen for you. If you're looking for a family-friendly offshore excursion, you can enjoy shelling and swimming on an isolated beach as soon as you step off of the boat. People who are in the mood to comb the beach, relax, watch fascinating birds and simply enjoy life are all good candidates for our wondrous tours.
If you're looking for a highly reputable company on mesmerizing Padre Island that can satisfy all of your custom charter needs, there's no better option in the area than Laguna Sailing Charters, hands down. You can depend on us to take care of all of your private charter needs. Our custom charters can accommodate a maximum of 6 individuals at a time. For more information on our unforgettable charters, go to facebook/lagunacharters, or Contact Captain Mike @ 956-407-9515. Email

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